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Here is Just Some of What You Can Expect to Get:

Credit Rebuilding – Fast

You can expect to see your personal credit report repaired quickly. We will fix your credit and we do this by aggressively applying Canadian credit laws to your advantage to raise your credit score.

We Will Inspect

Because credit reports are generally considered complicated, we analyze and completely audit them for you. We will point out and explain exactly what’s causing your credit to be damaged.

Credit Score Boost

As a result of taking the time to analyze each or our client’s cases, we are in a great position to efficiently increase their credit score faster than any company or person across Canada.

100% Money Back Guarantee

At CreditZu, we make it simple. Our entire purpose as a company is to increase your credit score in the shortest amount of time possible. If we’re unable to increase your credit score, including removing, fixing or correcting any inaccurate items on your credit report, we will refund 100% of your payment.

You Get Results

You must be satisfied! We are backed by years of successful credit repair, banking, mortgage and loan experience. Sign up right now, and let us start raising your score today!

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Call 24/7 – 416-900-0341

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    The CreditZu Approach?

    We understand that every Canadian’s credit situation is different, just like your social insurance number. That’s why we will always custom tailor a plan to increase each of our client’s credit scores. We go above and beyond credit repair. We will carry-out a fast, efficient and effective approach and you’ll enjoy the piece-of-mind by knowing you are covered by our 100% money back guarantee.


    “Thank you! With your help my credit score has risen from 581 to 690. Thanks to your company, I will be in a position to buy my new home this summer!”

    – Cathleen Henderson

    Be Mortgage Prepared

    On a daily basis here at CreditZu Inc., we encounter many clients that are referred to us who have just been turned down for a mortgage. Usually, these good people have some problems with their credit that need to be fixed. We love helping these customers! We work with top mortgage professionals every week, and are up to date on what is taking place in the industry and the issues you face. We are uniquely capable of ensuring you are lender-ready. Let CreditZu help you get your credit repaired so you can qualify to get your dream home.

    “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.Your team was always professional and quick to make improvements to both of my bureaus. You guys worked your butt off to help get me approved for my car loan.”

    – Anuja Chander

    Need Your Credit Score Raised?

    It’s true, both getting and maintaining great credit is very important. After all, your personal credit score will impact your mortgage rates, car loans and even your car insurance rates too! Having good credit can open many doors just as fast as bad credit closes them.

    Higher interest rates due to poor credit can make even the smallest purchases difficult. With poor credit you will end up paying thousands of dollars in extra interest costs. Let us repair your credit today! Don’t pay more than you need to and gain your financial freedom.

    “Success and thank you. You Guys did exactly what you promised. My mortgage comes due in 45 days and I can finally qualify to get a much lower interest rate.”

    – Foroud K.

    Let Us Repair Your Credit Today!

    Call 24/7 – 416-900-0341